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Balanced Training for a Balanced Life

At Dog Gone It K9 LLC, we believe in "Balanced Training for a Balanced Life." Our approach is designed to enhance the natural bond between you and your dog. Located in Prineville, OR, we offer expert dog training that caters to dogs of all breeds and ages. Whether you’re looking to address specific behavioral issues or simply want to improve your dog’s obedience, our methods are effective and tailored to meet the needs of each individual dog and owner.

Specializing in Comprehensive Canine Training

Our dog training programs encompass a wide range of disciplines to ensure comprehensive development for your pet. From basic obedience training to more advanced lessons like off-leash training and behavior modification, Dog Gone It K9 LLC is equipped to handle all aspects of canine education. Our training techniques are designed to promote a healthy, respectful, and joyful relationship between pets and their owners.

Veteran-Owned, Community-Trusted

Dog Gone It K9 LLC is proud to be a veteran-owned and managed business that specializes in building strong canine-human bonds. We understand the importance of trust and respect in dog training, and our programs reflect our commitment to these values. Our trainers are experienced and passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of pets and their owners in the Prineville community and beyond.

About Dog Gone It K9 LLC

At Dog Gone It K9 LLC, we strive to create a balanced and positive relationship between you and your furry companion. Our veteran-owned business is deeply committed to enhancing the community by fostering strong bonds through professional dog training. We understand each dog’s unique personality and needs, and our tailored programs are designed to maximize their potential while ensuring they become well-mannered members of society.

Full Spectrum Dog Training Services

Dog Gone It K9 LLC offers a variety of training programs to suit every need:

Private Lessons

Group Classes

Behavior Modification

Obedience Training

Off-Leash Training

Puppy Training

Service Animal Training
(Private Lessons Only)

Sport or Trick Training


angie moon
angie moon
Tom is consistent and attentive to his clients' needs. Im very happy with our training so far.


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Get in Touch with Us!

Dog Gone It K9 LLC offers expert dog training for balanced relationships. Tailored programs ensure well-mannered companions. Connect today!